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Problems with conflict of Interest and Liability Issues.

As you know, Sid Meyer, one of the primary organizers of the Green Swamp Youth Campers teaches at Auburndale High School. His principal, Mr. Ernest Joe, has a serious concern about his taking AHS students to any outside activities. This apparently would include the Youth Campers. Mr. Joe has taken action to prevent the participation of Mr. Meyer with Auburndale students on such events. At this time the situation is being reviewed. Mr. Meyer can not attend functions that include Auburndale students in an out of school activity. Other staff members also are concerned that they may face disciplinary action if they chaperone the camping events. It will be necessary to resolve this issue if we are to continue allowing AHS students to continue camping with us, or to have any AHS staff members volunteer to chaperone, drive, etc. We regret this unfortunate situation.

Perhaps the Auburndale members of our group can start a new group of their own. We wish them the best in locating caring individuals that will take the time and money to provide worthwhile, wholesome activities for youth that want to enjoy the outdoors. Any suggestions to solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

opinions expressed may be those of individual members and do not necessarily represent those of the group as a whole or any other particular members.