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Green SwampYouth Campers Celebrating 20 Years of Great Experiences

Edge of the Everglades

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Markham County Park is on the very edge of the Everglades.

Special thanks to Elton  John for composing Crocodile Rock, a very appropriate song for a page on the Everglades.

From the park, it is but a short hike to the Everglades over a dam spanning a canal. One you reach the top of the levee you have a view of the "River of Grass" as far as the eye can see. It is dotted with hammocks, higher ground that forms islands and is frequently a place where trees can grow.

Everglades levee.

The Everglades.

The Youth Campers look out at the vast Everglades. click on the photograph to go to information on Everglades National Park.

Please support efforts to keep the Everglades protected and healthy.

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