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Welcome to our web site!
Allow Add-ons to hear the audio.  Every page has a song especially for that page.  Enjoy the music!

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The Youth Campers support our troops overseas . God Bless America.

Green Swamp Youth Campers is a very informal loosely organized camping club. We are named for the famous semi-wilderness area in Polk County, the Green Swamp. However, we DO NOT limit our camping to the Green Swamp! In fact, while we have camped many places, the Green Swamp has not been one of them.  The name is due to the fact that the Youth Campers come from communities in and around the Green Swamp in northern Polk County.
So, where do we camp?  Well, we have been to 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces.  In addition to camping, we visit museums, historical sites, theme parks, and participate in many  outdoor activities.  We also attend concerts, plays, festivals and many cultural events.
We  hope you also enjoy "Fly Like an Eagle," the musical selection for this page.  Our wish is that everyone feels the the ability to soar above the circumstances of the daily grind.  The outdoors can provide that sense of escape, at least for awhile, and the ability to refresh and renew so that life is more pleasant. 


Inclusion in the Green Swamp Youth Campers is by invitation only. From time to time new potential Youth Campers are selected. These are frequently students that are meeting specific goals for special privileges. This is something which can help motivate young people to make better choices at home and school. This allows families to have a means to encourage and reward good choices. It also allows youngsters to have fun in a supervised activity with high standards. We reserve the right to refuse inclusion to any youth that we feel does not fit with our group, goals, or expectations.

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Click here for a link about the Green Swamp. See the link on the top right for more information.

Peak to Peak Trail and
                                                      Wilderness Links
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links

Don't forget that the permission form and medical form must each be completed before participating.  There are links to these forms on the menu bar on the left side of this page

Click here for an AWESOME slide show that will really give an overview of what GSYC has been doing and what it is all about. It is a huge powerpoint presentation, so it may load very slowly; but we think you will find that it answers most questions you might have, and many of the photos are stunning. Be patient or do something else while it loads, because it WILL take awhile.

This will connect to an INTERACTIVE link to the Green Swamp. It is very interesting, but requires that your computer have Macromedia Flash Player. You can download it from the site if you wish. The "Natural" link at the bottom is particularly nice for a view of a 3-D mural of the Green Swamp.

Some photos from previous activities.

Juan and Josh during Spring Break.
Click on this photo for a Wikipedia article.

Swimming on the Santa Fe River. Click on the picture for a link to an article about the river on Wikipedia.

Campsite at Ft. DeSoto Park.

A beautiful island campsite at Fort Desoto Park. Click on the picture for a link to more information about Fort Desoto Park.

Potential activities may include camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, snorkeling and other fun, interesting activities. The majority of activities will take place in the state of Florida, but out of state activities may be considered. Inclusion in activities will be individually determined. There is no attendance requirement. Therefore it is possible, for example, to choose camping, but not canoeing.
All participants do so at their own risk. A release of liability is required.

If you have any spare canoes,tents,or gear it would be greatly appreciated.  Use the side bar to contact us if you wish to loan or donate to our group.