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Sid In Europe

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Sid Shares Pictures from Bike Camping in Germany and Italy

Sid's campsite in Sienna.
Backpackers Ultimate Guide (BUG) Tuscany
The tent and bike were shelter and transportation.

The midi file (music) is Asturias by Isaac Albeniz.  He was Spanish, but the classical European flavor of the music is unmistakeable. 

It goes well with this page.  Besides, it is Sid's favorite midi file.

The heart of Sienna.
A link to information about Sienna
The Piazza del Campo.

This text link will take you to more of Sid's photos on Webshots. They may ask you to register in order to view them, but they have excellent photo offers and are a legitimate business.

Beautiful views of the Tuscan hills while biking.
Link to biking in Tuscany
The hills in the foreground are covered with grapevines.

Click on the pictures for links to other related websites.

You really get the chance to see things by bike.
A link to information on the Certosa.
The Certosa del Galluzzo, outside Florence.

Click on this text link to see more pictures stored on Earthlink

Airfares to Europe are exceptionally low priced at this time.  It is a great opportunity to see Europe.  Get your passport well in advance so that you don't have problems going abroad.  Buy guide books and phrase books for the languages you will encounter.  Search the web for information on backpacking or renting a bicycle.  There are also deals on train passes and they are much cheaper if you buy them in advance in the U.S.  You can't get the same passes once in Europe.

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