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Green SwampYouth Campers Celebrating 20 Years of Great Experiences

Medical Authorization Form

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All campers under age 18 must have this form on file.

The Green Swamp Youth Campers
Medical Treatment Authorization Form



To Whom it may concern:


I, the undersigned parent/guardian of ________________________________________ hereby authorize any necessary medical treatment for this minor (under age 18) while participating in any activity conducted under the sponsorship of The Green Swamp Youth Campers or other organizations, groups or companies that provide services, equipment, training or guidance for The Green Swamp Youth Campers. I guarantee payment of all charges incurred as a result of this medical treatment. 


The Youth Campers, or any sponsor, chaperone, officer or persons over 18 are not to be held liable for the costs or charges of any medical treatment.  Should someone representing the interests of the child use this form to obtain medical treatment, I understand that they are signing on my behalf and I alone am responsible and guaranteeing payment of the charges which are incurred.




Allergies to food, medication, etc.  (if none, so state) ________________________________





Special medical conditions.  (if none, so state)________________________________________________________________________

Family physician  _____________________________________________________________________________

Office address_________________________________   Phone number__________________




Insurance Company___________________________________________

POLICY NO. or GROUP NO. ____________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name (please print clearly) ___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Home address  ____________________________________________________________________



Home Phone ______________________________  Cell Phone _________________________

Work Phone _______________________________  Alternative number__________________


Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________________________________________



State of Florida, County of _________________

I hereby certify that the forgoing was executed before me this:

___________ day of _______________ 20_______, by ___________________________________ who is :

_______personally known or ________ who has produced ________________________________ as identification.




Notary Public, State of Florida




(to print this form:  highlight the text above, everything not in burgundy.  Then go to FILE, PRINT, and then choose PRINT SELECTION.  It will print only the text you choose, not the whole page.)

We hope that medical treatment is not necessary, certainly not in a hospital such as the one indicated by this song, Theme from M.A.S.H.  Just in case, we must have this form if you want to join us on a trip. Thankfully, in 17 years, we have never had to take a participant to a doctor or hospital, but it is better to be prepared than to have something unforseen occur and not have the ability to take a participant for treatment.