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If backpacking, think small and light-weight as possible!
When car camping, weight is not quite as important


soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash,
biodegradable toilet paper,sanitary supplies, towel


flashlight, extra batteries and bulb, knife and sharpener, 30 feet of nylon cord, tent repair kit, canteen or water bottles, water purification tablets or filtering system, personal identification, leave a detailed trip plan, IN WRITING, with a responsible person


money, camera/extra film, binoculars, notebook/pen, candle lantern, candles, camp axe, laundry bag, needle /thread, drinking cup, backpacker's trowel, nylon stuff sacks, zip lock baggies, whisk broom, clothes pins, extra pack hardware such as rings and pins, Bible (the small pocket size Gideon's Bible is great), maps


2 pairs of clean socks, 2 pairs of clean underwear, pants (zip-offs are great), shorts, swimsuit, shirts, hat, flipflops make great camp shoes, hiking boots, rain poncho, bandannas, windbreaker


light sweater (synthetic pile), wool shirt, long underwear, gloves, ski hat, thermal socks,


walkie-talkies, Fire/camping permits, fishing/hunting licenses, cards and small light-weight traveling games, field guides, fishing line and hooks, radio

Take your COMMON SENSE. Have fun and BE SAFE


tent, rain fly or tarp, stake mallet, sleeping bag, small pillow, sleeping pad, backpack cover, sunscreen, sunglasses


prescription medicines, extra eyeglasses, sports strap, First aid kit, moleskin, Avon Skin-so-Soft (for bug repellant), Medic Alert ID, lip balm, Sting Ease, ace bandage, knee or ankle braces


stove and fuel, cook kit and drinking cup, eating/cooking utensils, matches in a waterproof container, spices/seasonings, cooking oil, sugar, powdered milk, coffee/tea/drink mixes, bullion cubes, dehydrated food, trail snacks, plastic bags for food storage and to carry out the garbage, water containers(collapsible are useful), trail snacks, chocolate, food as determined by a planned menu

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Gear list for short hikes (day or overnight)

Maybe the William Tell Overture will inspire you to get going with that packing and get yourself into the amazing outdoors.  This music gives me mental images of a backpacker racing around grabbing gear and cramming it in a backpack.  Of course, it is better to be methodical and careful so you do not get out in the wild missing a vital part of your equipment.