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Green SwampYouth Campers Celebrating 20 Years of Great Experiences

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To see photographs of past events  click on the galleries link on the menu.  The Green Swamp Youth Campers proposed camping schedule that was on the MSN Groups page was deleted by MSN groups. We apologize that this has happened. In the future we hope to put a schedule of events on our Facebook site.

Linus likes to take his blanket everywhere.  As campers, we have to carry our sleeping bags, so the Linus theme seems a fitting tribute on this page.  The movement of the music is also not unlike the feeling of hiking.

Recent Events

and not so recent ones are illustrated by the photos.   The photos are linked to related websites and so is the underlined  text on this page.  
Note:   Any planned event is subject to change, due to availabilty, weather, transportation, or other concerns.

We ran out of room on Tripod and had to add new pictures to other free sites. We linked to those outside free sites. However, some of those sites have deleted our photos. We have removed the broken links on the Galleries page and will be rebuilding the photo collections on this or other sites that are more stable. We will not be using MSN Groups or Tagworld in the future as they deleted hours of work. Be sure to go to the galleries link on the menu (left side of page)  To return to the home site, you may need to use the back arrow provided by your web connection.  The main menu is likely to disappear when you visit pages that are not on Tripod.  While navigation may be a little more difficult, we feel that we need to continue adding photos from our events for the enjoyment of Youth Campers and their families. Many of the photos are best viewed by using the slide show option when offered. Photos are now being stored at Webshots,Angelfire and various other free storage space. Each has a unique format for viewing pictures. Some sites require registration, but all are legitimate sites and you need not fear registering.

A picture from a St. Augustine trip.  Click for a link.

 Previous camping trips . . . Above, St. Augustine   
Below, Florida Caverns State Park 
Bottom, Providence Canyon State Park 

Florida Caverns State park
Click the pic for more photos.

Click here for a link to the Van Fleet Trail in the Green Swamp

Click here for a link to Cape Florida State Recreation Area.

Click here for a link to National Parks in Florida.

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook. Click on this link to go there.

Providence Canyons State Park.
GSYC at the canyon rim.
Michael, Albert and Salynn on the rim.

Recent Events

Our most recent event was a kayak trip on the Silver River with a Florida Trail Association meetup.  You can see photos on our Facebook page here
Be sure to come back to the website to view the photos of events that will be uploaded after future events. 
We are also pleased that we have 4 new campers joining our group.  Esmerelda, Emily, Erick, and Lizzie.



Upcoming Events

Our next event will be camping at Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine. We will be departing on Monday, December 21.

We will be back Tuesday night. Anastasia is near St. Augustine. There is lots to do. Look for additional information on expected costs to be posted. Some activities in the area (such as a tour of the fort) will require fees. Each of the above events are open to four people as that is the seating capacity of Sid's PT Cruiser. Should we get another driver, more campers can attend an event.

Since Microsoft deleted our schedule of events,we are contacting campers by telephone and apprising them of our plans. The interested participants will be given information. This also applies to future events. Often, there is a waiting list. If room becomes available, you will be notified!

* Please note, primitive camping sites do not have water supplies or bathroom buildings. We have to carry in our water and dig latrines. Trips to primitive sites will be noted. Backpacking trips assume the camping will be primitive.

The AT in Georgia
On the Appalachian Trail