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Links on the world wide web are a Neverending Story (our musical selection).  You can go practically without end anywhere in the world with just a simple click.  Enjoy the links, but do not get too tangled in the web.

This page will contain links to a wide variety of related links. Some links will be to locations, some to outfitters and gear sources, others to recommended lists, tips and practices. Please return to find updated links. Let us know if you are aware of any links that we should add. Please let us know if we have any broken or invalid links so that we can repair or remove them. We hope that you find this page a helpful resource in getting more from the outdoor experience. 

Links to
Expeditions and Outfitters


Suwannee Expeditions

Kayak St. Augustine

General Outdoor Links

U.S. National Park Service

Nat. Forest Campground Guide

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

Yahoo! Recreation: Outdoors

Camping with children

Basic Camping Tips


Anyplace Wild

Pitchfork's Resource Links

Other Groups

Troop 6

Green Swamp Links

Friends of Florida

Green Swamp (East) Recreational Guide

Florida Sierra Club

Fiction: Ghosts of the Green Swamp

Green Swamp Lodge

Special November Features:

My Beautiful America

Link of the Month:

Driving the Trail of Tears

Fall Camping Tips

Links for Boating Safety and Weather:

The Coast Guard

Boating Safety

Learn How to Canoe Camp

National Weather Service

United States River Gauges

Jason and Lura canoe at Fort DeSoto park.


American Whitewater

Wild and Scenic Rivers

Florida Canoe Trails (hiking, too)

Canoe/Kayak the Suwannee


Biking in Florida

Florida Bicycle Trails

Make Reservations Online

U.S. National Park Service

Reserve America (many state park systems)

Planning your meals

Scout recipes

Camp Recipes Dot Com


Wilderness Survival Skills