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Green SwampYouth Campers Celebrating 20 Years of Great Experiences

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Payne's Prairie Photos

Our musical selection is a tongue-in-cheek choice to tell about our experience.  Cold as Ice (by Foreigner)  is how we felt.  It had been in the high 80s and low 90s.  We dressed and packed accordingly.  For some reason, an unseasonably cold front came through and it went down to the 30s.  We almost always check the weather, but who would have expected this when it was nearly April in Florida!  Another surprise is the fact that Payne's Prairie has wild horses.  These horses have been in Florida for hundreds of years.  They are the descendants of horses that survived Spanish shipwrecks.  We even got to see a mare and her foal.

The Youth Campers visit Alachua County Florida


Chris by the tent.


Sid and Chris on the Lake Trail.


If you look right where the grass meets the trees, you can see the deer.  They were much more visible to the naked eye than in this photo.


Chris cooks at a picnic shelter due to the heavy rain.  Boy were we glad for a covered cooking area. 

This area can have lots of mosquitoes and ticks.  Avon's Skin-so-Soft is a healthy alternative to many of the repellants that contain DEET.  On this trip we used Repel,  a lemon eucalyptus product.  It was very effective and did not cause any allergic reactions.  We found it at Target Stores and they also sold it at the park visitor center.

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